Three Ways to Make and Save Money Online

How to Make Money

I think we can all agree that while we love spending money on beauty and fashion, we also love to put cash back into our pockets to make even more purchases. 😉 So, I listed three foolproof methods to help you make some money, money, money.

1) Ebates- With Ebates, you don’t technically generate extra income, but with every online purchase you make through the website or app, you will get cash back. Shop through their links, and once the purchase is reported by the store, cash will be added to your account. Payments are released quarterly and you select to get paid through check or Paypal. You can create income by referring your friends or family members with your account link.

How to Make Money with Ebates

Thus far, my total cash back amount is $143.25, and I signed up in December 2014. I received two checks already, and in August, the next payment will be released. For all of you that hate shopping in stores and would rather do it online, this is ideal for you. Imagine how much cash back you can receive during the holidays! Sounds awesome, huh?

2) Poshmark- For the past couple of months, I’ve been getting rid of everything I don’t use. I used to donate all my items, but I realized that I probably could make a little money off of them because I keep everything I own in excellent condition; so, I looked into Poshmark, Ebay and Tradesy. Poshmark stood out the most because it has an excellent seller/buyer system in place. When a listing is sold for under $15, Poshmark takes a flat fee of $2.95. On the other hand, Poshmark makes 20 percent off of $15 or more on listings.

While 20 percent is a high commission, there are many advantages in using Poshmark. Both the buyer and the seller are highly protected. Poshmark authenticates any designer products. Once the buyer receives the product they bought, they have three days to accept the product. Within those three days, he or she has the chance to dispute the sale with Poshmark. If the product is not what the seller claimed, the buyer has the chance to send the product back and a refund is made. Other than that, purchases are final. The buyer pays for the shipping charge of $4.99. All shipments are done through 2-3 days of priority mail.

How to Make Money with Poshmark

I sold my first listing within the fifteen minutes of signing up. It’s not a joke when I tell you that I’ve been a Posher since July 5th of this year, and I’ve made $829. All of my earnings have made their way to my bank account. People sell used and/or new makeup, clothes, baby clothes, shoes, handbags, makeup accessories, etc. So what’s better than clearing out your closet? Clearing out your closet and making mula off of it!! Plus, it’s fun. If interested in signing up, use my invitation code PJABY to claim a $5 credit.

3) Email Newsletter Sign Ups- One of the many ways to save on a purchase is to sign up for retail newsletters. Yes, retail emails are annoying, but create a separate account for them. Many don’t know that when you first sign up for newsletters, most of those companies offer a 10, 15, or 20 percent off coupon code. Stores such as Rebecca Minkoff, Kate Spade, Too Faced Cosmetics, and more offer discount codes! Create a couple of email accounts and get to saving on your next purchase! Not only that, they send coupons periodically and on holidays to encourage purchases.

There are so many ways to create income and save on purchases online, but these are the ones that have been effective. Hopefully, this post was helpful, and don’t worry when another real opportunity to make money comes up, I will update you, all!

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P.S. Share other opportunities to make or save money online below!!

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