Jaclyn Hill Beauty Expert Box Giveaway

Hello, beauties! We are over the moon with all the support we have received. To celebrate our 1,928 likes on Facebook, we wanted to give something back to one of our lovely readers. Although we wish we could give everyone a little something, unfortunately, we can’t. But as always, don’t you worry; we will have many more!! [Read more…]

Janice’s May Favorites

Hello, beauties! Welcome back. Last month, I enjoyed trying new products and went back to an old favorite. So let’s get to it! [Read more…]

Jennifer’s May Favorites

Hey, guys, this month I did not have that many favorites because I have been extremely busy with work and personal things, but these products I am about to mention have been my life savers for on-the-go situations. [Read more…]

Rose Gold Makeup Look


On Memorial Day, my family and I went out to brunch, and I was feeling happy and glowy; so, I wanted to portray those feelings through my makeup. Below, I have listed the steps I achieved to recreate this makeup look. [Read more…]

Skin Care Morning Routine



Hello, there! We want to give you a glimpse of what our morning routine looks like. During sleep mode, our skin cells on our face regenerate, and the old ones shed.  It is crucial to wash and moisturize your face every single morning because when we sweat at night, oil and bacteria builds ups on our pillows while we are sleeping; therefore, a cleansing routine is vital to be free of breakouts. When we have a clean and moisturized face, makeup tends to last longer and will apply easily on a clean canvas. 

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