Night-time Skincare Routine

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My favorite part of the day is actually coming home and taking off my makeup; I find it very therapeutic. After a long day of work and running errands, all I want to do is relax, take off my bra, remove my makeup, pamper my skin and drink a cup of tea. Phew, that was a mouthful!It feels so relieving to remove  all the gunk and sweat that I experienced throughout the day and getting my canvas ready for the next day.  Having a good night time skin care routine is important, especially the older I get, the more I want to protect my skin as much as possible. I noticed that using the right products for your skin can make such a difference and it’s essential to preserving a youthful appearance. I tend to use different products in the day time than night time, but for now, I’ll be discussing the products I’ve been using religiously during my night time routine.

1. Sonia Kashuk Makeup Remover- This is my holy-grail eye makeup remover! I use this product to specifically remove my eye makeup (eyeshadow, mascara, liquid eyeliner & eyebrow gel). I can appreciate how fast this remover breaks up the products on my eyes and doesn’t cause any irritation. This can only be found in Target stores and online. Buy Here 🙂

2. Shiseido Facial Cotton- I use this facial cotton pad along with the Sonia Kashuk makeup remover. I find these cottons to be so soft and gentle for my eyes. They feel like big fluffy clouds! I don’t know what clouds feel like but you get what I’m trying to say. 🙂 It absorbs so much product that one facial cotton is enough to remove my makeup for both eyes. Also, it doesn’t leave behind those annoying fibers that usually cheap cotton rounds tend to leave and then get stuck in your eyeballs. This product is priced at $9.50, which is expensive, but it’s so worth it. Honestly, this will last for a while since it has 165 cotton pads, and you won’t use up that many cotton pads. Buy Here 🙂

3. Simple Kind Cleansing Wipes- These are the only facial wipes that don’t irritate my sensitive skin. I love how it’s fragrance free and removes my face makeup so well. It leaves a clean and fresh feeling to the face. I would recommend these cleansing wipes to anyone with sensitive skin. Buy Here 🙂

4. Clinique Liquid Facial Soap (Mild)- After, I am finished removing my eye and face makeup; I love to use this product to get rid off any residue that might have been left behind. Also, on days that I am lazy and I don’t feel like using that many products, I will use this product while I am taking a shower and apply it all over it my face to remove and rinse off the makeup off my face and eyes. Buy Here 🙂

5. Origins Drink Up Intense Overnight Mask- Holy Moly! This mask is amazeballs. It’s perfect for anyone who has normal to dry skin. This will add moisture and hydration to the skin. I apply this product after I get out of the shower and finish drying my face. As soon as I apply it to my face, I can immediately notice a nice subtle glow to my face. This product definitely quenches my skin’s thirst of moisture and hydration. My face feels fresh and replenished when I wake up the next morning. Did I mention that it smells like mango? I love mangoes, and the scent is heavenly.  Buy Here 🙂

6. Kiehls Midnight Recovery Eye Cream- My under eye area is very dry and puffy so an eye cream is a must. Ever since I started using this product, I could immediately notice that it was diminishing the appearance of puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes. It feels so luxurious and smooth. I apply a small amount of this product onto my ring finger and gently pat it into my under eye and orbital bone area without tugging the skin. Don’t move your finger back and fourth, this will tug your under eye area, which can cause premature wrinkles in the near future. Buy here 🙂

What are your favorite skin care products for sensitive skin? Please comment below 🙂




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