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Hold onto your seats, ladies and gentlemen. Earlier today, NARS Cosmetics launched its very own customizable pro palettes. Did your eyes just bulge out of your sockets because you thought you read incorrectly? Nope, it’s very, very real… I went onto the website to browse around, and I came across this information. I had to write a blog post as quickly as possible to fill you in with all the details. That’s how excited I am!

NARS provides the option to customize a pro palette and/or to purchase curated blush or eyeshadow palettes. The small palette costs $14 while the large size costs $18. You can create your own portfolio with refills of blushes, single eyeshadows, duo eyeshadows, pressed powders, contour blushes, highlighting blushes and bronzers.

NARS Custom Palette PictureIf this doesn’t excite you, wait until I compare the prices for you. The following is a price comparison between the standalone products and the refills:

  • NARS Blush- Original Price $30 Pro Palette Refill Price $21
  • NARS Bronzer- Original Price $39 Pro Palette Refill Price $27
  • NARS Contour Blushes- Original Price $42 Pro Palette Refill Price $30
  • NARS Highlighting Blush- Original Price $30 Pro Palette Refill Price $21
  • NARS Pressed Powder- Original Price $36 Pro Palette Refill Price $25
  • NARS Single Eyeshadow- Original Price $25 Pro Palette Refill Price $18
  • NARS Duo Eyeshadows- Original Price $35 Pro Palette Refill Price $25

There is so much value to the new custom pro palettes. The price difference is a lot. And while the items are still pricey for the average person, NARS just made its highest-selling products affordable and a whole lot easier to create a palette full of products that you enjoy and like. The major problem with a non-customizable palette is that a lot of colors are never used because they don’t cater to everyone’s taste.

I searched endlessly on NARS’ website to see if the refill is smaller than the standalone one, but I couldn’t find information on the size difference. I have a feeling that they are smaller, but in my opinion, it’s still worth it because the chance to hit pan on the makeup products is low, unless you’re a makeup artist or you use it every day, but even then, the prices are ideal for a high-end brand.

The Ultimate Cheek artist palette is priced at $203, and the Iconic Eye artist palette is priced at $337.

NARS Ultimate Cheek Palette

The blush palette comes with eight blushes and one highlighting shade in a small palette. The following blushes, which are picture aboved, are included: Deep Throat, Dolce Vita, Lovejoy, Desire, Exhibit A, Taj Mahal, Sex Appeal, Albatross (highlighting blush), and Amour.

NARS Iconic Eye Artist Palette Photo

The eyeshadow palette comprises of the following eight single and seven duo eyeshadows in a large palette, pictured above: Abyssinia, Bali, Blondie, Biarritz, Bengali, Coconut Grove, New York, Sophia, Alhambre, Isolde, Kalahari, Madrague, Cordura, Pandora, and All About Eve.

Maybe some of you are saying, “But a palette that big is not travel friendly. How is that going to work out?” Easy. A company called Z Palette sells empty palettes with magnets in all different sizes. So if you just want to carry an eyeshadow with a pressed powder, buy a small Z Palette. You can purchase the small Z Palette here.

No word as to if the custom palettes are limited edition or if they will be sold through Sephora, but when I find out, I will update you. It seems as though it’s permanent on the website. If you don’t want to buy the palette, you can buy the refill on its own. Plus, purchases and returns are complimentary on the NARS website, and they now ship to Canada.

Ok, I’m going to leave you now as I will be buying the palette and a couple of eyeshadows. LOL 😉



P.S. Will you be investing in the new NARS custom pro palette? Comment below.

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