Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask Review


It seems that nowadays every company is coming up with a hair mask that will restore the damages done to your hair, which are caused by heat, climate and over-processing, but it is hard to find a good inexpensive hair mask that won’t break the bank.

Recently, I went to Target, and I came across the Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask. This hair mask was the first deep conditioning product I used before using the Macadamia Natural Oil Hair Mask. I remembered how much I loved that product and decided to purchase it again. I ran out of the Macadamia Natural Oil Hair mask, and I did not feel like spending $30 bucks, so instead, I purchased this to save money. I got accustomed to a luxury brand, but I am so happy that I found this little gem again, and I get to share it with you all.

Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask is the best deep conditioning mask in the drugstore market. It does what it claims to do; it hydrates and moisturizes dehydrated and damaged hair. It has a thick consistency and smells heavenly. You can instantly feel the mask penetrating into your hair once you apply it. After I finish rinsing off the shampoo off my hair, I will go ahead and administer a small scoop of the mask onto my ends and let it penetrate the strands for 3-5 minutes. Then I will rinse it off with cold water, and I could immediately notice how silky smooth my hair feels, and it doesn’t weigh down my hair either. I also notice when I let my hair air dry, my ends feel luxuriously soft and smooth, and the scent lingers on even after rinsing it off.

According to Neutrogena, the product contains three naturally extracts that will help penetrate and moisturize each layer of the hair strand. It contains olive, which penetrates to the center, meadowfoam seed, which moisturizes the middle, and sweet almond, which wraps around the surface of the hair.

I have been working really hard to keep my hair healthy and manageable; therefore, I am glad this product surpassed my expectations and will contribute in maintaining my hair healthy and beautiful. It is a life changer. 🙂

If you have really dry, damaged and over-processed hair, then I recommend this hair mask. It will restore your hair back to a healthy stage within days, and you can find it at any drugstore for approximately $5-8 bucks.



P.S. Have you tried Neutrogena’s Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask? What are your thoughts? If you didn’t like it, what is another great drugstore alternative?



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