My Ideal Neutral Holiday Nail Look

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Recently, I have been on a neutral craze, especially with my nail polish. I find neutrals so classy and simple, and it matches any outfit of your choice. A cute and fun way to spice up your nails is by applying a glitter or metallic nail polish to any finger; I prefer my middle finger and ringer finger. 🙂

Last week, during the Sephora VIB/VIB Rouge sale, I stopped by the nail polish section, and I happen to love Sephora’s Formula X Nail Polish by the way, so I started roaming through their selection, and I immediately noticed the colors Impeccable and Alchemy. I instantly fell in love with these two, and I knew that they deserved to go home with me.

Impeccable- It’s described in Sephora’s website as a cocoa bisque. Not much of a description there, but it’s a warm mauve pink.

  • Pros- The formula is great and did not apply streaky or create any annoying bubbles. You only need two coats to achieve an opaque result and lasts on the nails 4 days to a week without chipping.
  • Cons- The nail polish is a bit pricey. This particular nail polish was $10.50. The price varies depending on the finish of the nail polish.

Alchemy- This is a limited edition nail polish for Sephora’s fall collection, which is why it has a gold cap versus the traditional white cap. The glitter is finely milled, not clumpy and dries to a smooth surface. It has a hint of gold, silver, purple, pink and blue micro glitter specs.

  • Pros- You only need one coat to achieve an opaque result. It’s such a beautiful glitter nail polish that will compliment neutrals to bold nail colors.
  • Cons- Again, this was a bit pricey for a nail polish. This particular nail polish is limited edition, which is a bummer. I wish it was part of their permanent collection.  I purchased it for $13.50.

I will definitely recommend these two nail polishes, especially if you are searching for a nice fall but neutral nail polish, and if you want to add something fun to your manicure. I received so many compliments with these two combinations and so will you.


Have you guys tried any colors from Sephora’s Formula X Collection that is worth trying? If so, please let me know 🙂



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