MAC Eyeshadow Swatches

MAC Eyeshadow Palette

Great news, everyone! If you haven’t heard, MAC lowered its eyeshadow pro palette refill pan prices from $10 to $6. In addition to the price decrease, MAC added different pro palette sizes and inserts. Say what? Before you head to your nearest MAC pro store to stock up on one, two or maybe 10 eyeshadows, I’m going to provide you swatches of my MAC eyeshadow palette and fill you in on my must-have MAC eyeshadows.

MAC Eyeshadow Swatches

  • Shroom- soft beige with shimmer
  • Naked Lunch- minimal pink with shimmer
  • Grain- golden beige with icy shimmer
  • Honey Lust- bronze-dipped peach
  • All That Glitters- beige with gold pearl
  • Mythology- copper
  • Expensive Pink- pink with duo chrome

MAC Neutral Eyeshadow Swatches

  • Coppering- orange copper
  • Amber Lights- peachy brown with shimmer
  • Soft Brown- soft golden peachy browm
  • Texture- peachy brown shimmer
  • Cork- muted gold brown
  • Saddle- golden orange brown
  • Brown Script- warm chestnut brown

MAC Eyeshadow

  • Swiss Chocolate- muted reddish brown
  • Antiqued- ash brown with bronze
  • Embark- intense reddish brown
  • Rule- vivid orange
  • Sushi Flower- pinky coral with pink shimmer
  • Cranberry- red plum with pink shimmer
  • Trax- burgundy plum with shimmer

MAC Custom Eyeshadow Palette

My favorite and must-have MAC eyeshadows are as follows:

  • Naked lunch- it’s a stunning all over the lid kinda shade. It’s one of those shades that looks beautiful on its own with a fresh, dewy face.
  • Grain- it’s my ideal highlighting shade for the brown bone. It’s not too flat, and it’s not too in your face.
  • All That Glitters- it’s a cult classic for a reason. Just look at that swatch. Yeah, look at it! The swatch speaks for itself.
  • Amber Lights- another cult classic. If Amber Lights was the only eyeshadow in the world that existed, I would be more than okay with that. It’s just a perfect golden, peachy, bronze shade. Swooning over here!
  • Soft brown- ideal crease and transition shade.
  • Saddle- love this shade to deepen the crease
  • Mythology- two words: rose gold. <3

Now that I’ve given you a round up of my MAC eyeshadow swatches and my must haves, you can purchase them here or go to your nearest MAC pro store. Eyeshadow refills are not sold anywhere but pro stores.



P.S. What shadows are you picking up, and which shades would you recommend for me to add to my collection? Comment below 🙂

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