How I Store My Makeup, Plus Storage Tips

I used to be one of those girls that would stuff my makeup into bags; however, for the past two to three years, I’ve obviously become a makeup addict.

I now realize that in order to extend the longevity of my makeup products I have to store them properly. In addition to that, it’s visually appealing. 😉

I’ve become a lot better at storing my makeup. Just a couple months ago, I used to have the products I used the most in acrylic containers like the one pictured on my vanity. Since I had a smaller room, I did not have space for a vanity desk, so I had to keep my makeup in the bathroom although it is not the best option. Makeup has to maintain dry and away from humidity and the sun.

There are so many ways to store makeup efficiently. The first obvious choice is in a vanity or dressing table. The one I have is from the Ikea Malm collection. I know, I know, every person on YouTube and the blogging world has this table, but it is so cost effective. I did thorough research, and I found that vanity desks are rather expensive, so I chose the Ikea one.

The next option is acrylic makeup holders/organizers. Before you spend a lot of cash on expensive acrylic cases, please understand that there are many affordable options out there. Some of the retail stores include the following: Muji, Home Goods, Target, The Container Store and Hautelook. And of course, Amazon, which has a varitey of expensive and inexpensive choices. Make sure to sign up for Hautelook’s email list to receive notifications on the next cosmetics organization sale. The one on my desk is from Hautelook, and it is very handy. I place my favorite face products on the big open space and my favorite lipsticks on the lipstick slots. For the most part, I like to keep my lip products on top of my desk.

Keep in mind that if you have a dresser that you rarely use or keep junk in, it is a great alternative to store your cosmetics. I don’t have much space left in my vanity drawer; therefore, I keep my eyeshadow palettes and extra cosmetics in my Ikea Alex 9 Drawer Unit. This piece of furniture is another item that is completely played out in the beauty world, but as I said before, it is an affordable choice. You can’t go wrong with Ikea! I have the Alex unit in my closet, which fits perfectly in the open space as seen in the picture.

It is a 9 drawer unit, but thankfully, I only use two of the drawers for cosmetics. I don’t think I can handle so many cosmetic products. In the rest of the drawers, I store jewelry, beauty products, hair tools and makeup bags.

Although it seems as though I have a lot of makeup, and I probably do… I like to gift products that I rarely use or don’t like to my friends. It is always better for someone to use it than to store it and never touch it.

I don’t like to just stick my makeup products into my dressing table or drawer unit; I prefer to use acrylic inserts that are made to be placed inside drawer units. The ones that I own can be bought at Target. Unfortunately, I can’t find the link, but you can find them in the closet organization section at your local Target. Each insert is about $3-6. Target stocks plastic inserts that are individual or as seen in the picture, one large insert with different slots.

Brushes are one of those things that take up a lot space; so, my preferred method is to place them in these cute Ikea Skurar Plant Pots. These, too, are a favorite amongst beauty bloggers/vloggers. Even though it is not hygienic to have them out in the open because of dust or dirt accumulation, it is ideal for me. I find it easy to grab my brushes, rather than closing and opening my drawer.

When there is a lack of space, shelves are very useful. Shelves can transform bland rooms to put-together rooms; they also serve as a way to store your favorite things.

If you are looking for seating furniture that is multipurpose, invest in ottomans. I wanted a comfortable, yet chic, ottoman that can hold my purses for easier access. The one that immediately caught my eye was the button tufted gray piece from Target. It is comfortable and the perfect width and height for my dressing table. I bought it for $89.99, but it’s on sale now!

As for mirrors, it is practical to have a large one against the wall to see your overall appearance and a small vanity mirror to see up close. In my old apartment I had the Ikea Ekne Mirror against a wall, but when I moved to a larger apartment, I thought it would be a great addition to my vanity area.

I hope that you beauties hopefully get inspired to organize your makeup in a manner that suits you the best. I am finally content with the way my makeup is stored and organized. I know many don’t like to put efforts into organization, but look as it as a way to spend less time looking for items and as a way to get out the door quicker.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Next week I will post another decor post!

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P.S. I would love to know some of your organization ideas. Please comment below.








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