Boscia Tsubaki Beauty Oil Review

Boscia Tsubaki Beauty Oil

Are you looking to transform your face from dull to bright? How about from dry and flakey to soft and moisturized? Well, people, I found a product that does that and more. I call Boscia’s Tsubaki Beauty oil, “MAGIC IN A BOTTLE”! 😉

Boscia’s Tsubaki Beauty Oil consists of Tsubaki (Camellia) Oil, Wakame (Japanese Sea kelp) and nourishing Rice Bran Oil; all ingredients contribute to the firming, brightening and hydration of the skin. All ingredients shield the skin from cells that can be damaging, as well as prevent pre-mature signs of aging. To get more information on the ingredients used to create the Beauty Oil, visit Boscia’s website.

Although the Tsubaki oil is intended for normal to dry skin types, I find it beneficial to oily skin types as well. I have oily/combo skin, and it doesn’t create extra oil or worsen the shine on my t-zone. In my dry areas, it moisturizes the heck out of them. I make sure to take it with me when I travel to states with cold weather. The formula is so light and quickly sinks into the skin. It can be used to moisturize the skin, hair and cuticles.

The more I age, the more my skin changes. I now suffer from hormonal breakouts. I never used to have a single pimple, and now at the age of 26, I break out here and there. I break out enough that it annoys me. About two years ago, I went through a stage that I broke out over and over again in the same area, so much that I suffered from hyper pigmentation. Because of the Tsubaki oil, the aftermath of those breakouts are finally disappearing and some are even gone. It doesn’t even irritate my sensitive skin.

I reach for it every night. After I cleanse and tone my face, I use two to three drops of the Tsubaki oil as a moisturizer. I don’t rub it in; I pat it in to push the product into the skin. The oil completely rejuvenates my skin overnight. It looks fresh and radiant. It’s not a joke when I say that I wake up with firmer and brighter skin! It’s uncanny. The effect gets me so excited to apply foundation on because of how beautiful it makes my skin look. It gives a dose of plastic surgery, without actually going under the knife or injecting fillers. Not only that, but my skin feels so darn soft. I’ve never come across a product that does so much good for my face, and you better believe that it’s moved to holy grail status. My sister, Jenny, agrees as well! She’s also added Boscia’s Tsubaki oil to her skin care routine. In fact, she purchased it before me and completely raves about it.

It retails at $46 at Sephora and Boscia’s online store, but a little goes a long way, so I’m sure that it’ll last close to a year. Look at it as an investment that will revitalize your skin.

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P.S. Have you purchased the Tsubaki oil? Do you prefer it to other beauty oils?




  1. http://Ange says

    I’m having the same hormonal acne problems! What did you use to fix those skin issues. I would love to know

    • http://thebeautyboulevard says

      Hey, I started having hormonal breakouts because of the birth control pills I was using. I used different masks to calm them down, but I realized that I had to change the pills. Now, I break out when it’s that time of the month, which I never used to. Since I technically don’t get acne, and I just get three to four pimples, I let them be; however, I do get hyper pigmentation. The only thing that has helped tremendously with the redness has been the Boscia Beauty Oil. It’s a miracle worker!

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